WE DID IT! At last, we finished our website and now I have the opportunity to share my news, experience, achievements and plans. There will be several topics which always will be updated: 1) photo posing 2) new photo projects 3) achievements 4) advice for models and photographers. I promise to post as often as possible). Let me tell you some words about what I am going to write here:

  1. Photo posing - as a former model with a huge experience I will share with you secrets of successful posing, posing styles, posing taboos, how to relax during the shooting, how a model should act and much more useful information.
  2. Photo projects - as an artistic person I love to create symbolic photo projects which reflect problems or needs of society.
  3. Achievements - as a stubborn hard worker, I used to reach my aims and I will be glad to share my success and a good and bad experience with you.
  4. Advice for models and photographer - as a professional who has been in photosphere for already 10 years, I can share a lot of interesting information about light, retouching, methods of work, cameras, lenses, photo studios, model agencies, work with magazines celebrities etc.