Photo Posing and Reality!


Hi, guys! I haven't written anything here for a long time, I am so sorry just didn't have any single minute among travelings and shootings.

Well, during my 10 years of experience I was working as a photo model, makeup artist, and a stylist and now thank's God I am photographer and I am happy that I found myself))) But all of that experience helped me to understand photo process from all sides and I feel blessed! 

I was working with huge amount of top models and was published in numerous magazines around the world and I have realized that I have so so so so much information to share and I am sure that it will help young and professional models to develop and improve their skills. 

I have noticed that nowadays there are hundreds of workshops and classes for models but most of them really don't help because there is not enough practice or there is no proper classes about different styles of photo posing. Most of models don't know simple rules which they should follow during the shooting and it is very strange for me. Models don't realize how photo posing is important for their career because only with its help they will know:

  •  how to pose with a different kind of light
  •  how to work with emotions
  •  how to present a bag, shoes, dress
  •  how to pose in different styles and actually why those styles exist
  •  how to show best sides during the shooting
  •  how to feel confident ( because 70% of models feel shy and don't know what to do in front of    the camera and it will definitely not help them working for different brands.
  •  what they should and shouldn't do with hands during different styles of shooting
  •  and many many many many many  other things

There are top 5 problems:

1. Models don't see themselves from aside, so they even don't know they pose wrong

2. They get 90 percent of theory and of course they forget to use that information. Posing classes MUST be 99% of PRACTICE and only that way it will work

3. For one class you can't get all information which people were learning for years !!! and if somebody will tell you that you can so please don't believe. It can only work if it is Workshop with one narrow topic!

4. Models feel shy and they don't listen to the photographer!! It very big mistake because only collaborating together and feel on one page they can produce something great together.

5. Models always want to look like somebody (Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Naomi Campbell and others)  and it is also great mistake because you will never be noticed looking like somebody and of course you will never be Adriana Lima because you are different person and you can be or worse or better than her but anyway who needs that??? It is much better to create your own style and show it and it will 100% unique because NO ONE ELSE LOOKS LIKE YOU!


Guys, so I decided to create something that will 100% help you to become the best and I will present my project soon!