Once upon a time there was living a beautiful girl who wanted to become a model and every day she was practicing and developing her posing skills in front of the mirror! Long story short she went to Far Far Away on shooting with a great photographer and she was sure that photographer will be in love with her posing and help her to become a real model. But old witch put a spell on the beautiful girl and she forgot everything she was practicing for years and she couldn't remember any pose without her magic mirror. Cool photographer became angry that girl wasted his precious time and push her away from his studio. The end!

And blah blah blah! 

Hi there! Of course, we all know that old witch didn't put any spell, right? So what has happened to a beautiful girl? She was practicing so hard near the mirror but when she came to the studio she couldn't remember anything!

Well guys, you should realize that when you are posing looking at the mirror you can't remember the way you pose, you just see the way you look at that moment. This will never help you during the real shooting,  because you will only become addicted to the mirror and it will be so difficult for you to pose without it. 



  • You can't see yourself from aside
  • You will not remember the pose 
  • From different height and angle, this pose will look absolutely different than you see in the mirror 
  • With different light, it will also look absolutely different and not always good 
  • It will teach you a "stone posing"  and it is the most awful thing which can happen with a model.

You always should change and be different and the way you should change depends only on particular situation and style of shooting.



  • Ask your friend to shoot you with a mobile phone, this way you will see all your mistakes
  • Always change places where you pose, because you need to understand which light suits you more
  • Try to remember how you feel during the posing, this will help you to remember the pose
  • Record a video just for 1 minute and try to change as many poses as you can but don't forget to stay in each position at least for 3 seconds