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Once upon a time there was living a beautiful girl who wanted to become a model and every day she was practicing and developing her posing skills in front of the mirror! Long story short she went to Far Far Away on shooting with a great photographer and she was sure that photographer will be in love with her posing and help her to become a real model. But old witch put a spell on the beautiful girl and she forgot everything she was practicing for years and she couldn't remember any pose without her magic mirror. Cool photographer became angry that girl wasted his precious time and push her away from his studio and.....

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Photo Posing and Reality!

Nowadays there are hundreds of workshops and classes for models but most of them really don't help because there is not enough practice or there is no proper classes about different styles of photo posing. Most of models don't know simple rules which they should follow during the shooting and it is very strange for me. Models don't realize how photo posing is important for their career because only with its help they will know...

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