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Photo Weekend!


 This weekend we will talk about emotions and how to work with them, how to change the style of emotions fast. It is useful skill for any kind of shooting because it gives you the power to be different all the time and you will be perfect for all brands and companies.

Being a model it is not a theory knowledge it is 99% of practice that's why we decided to create something new! Lets stop just talking and practice!

For 10 years of experience in photo and model industry we have so much to share! Let's have some fun, meet up, grab some coffee, discuss some photo posing best practices and shoot, shoot, shoot.  

This weekend we will talk about emotions and how to work with them, how to change your emotions fast. Working with emotions it is useful skill for any kind of shooting

You will learn from the Class. 

  • How to control your emotions
  • How to make sad face and cry 
  • TOP 5 things you NEVER should do 
  • How to work with your emotions and change them fast
  • How to feel confident
  • Where to put hands during the portrait shooting
  • What model should know about the light during the shooting
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.
  • Have Fun

This is what you get from a quick Photoshoot for 100$ 

  • 30 minutes street style MODEL TESTS.
  • 150-200 photos with color correction
  • 6 edited photos For your portfolio
  • Apply photo posing best practices
  • Have fun.  

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Jun 7


  • Karizza Photography

Hey guys!

Our team is going to rock Miami for a week, and it's going to be fun, we promise. We have being planning and discussing what outstanding and unique concepts we are going to shoot for you.   

Wether you are starting model, actor or any creative professional , we will refresh your Model Tests with some stunning and stand out photos.


Model tests 200$

  • Snap shots (headshot, full size body, waist portrait, profile shot)
  • 1 hour shooting
  • 6 edited photos 
  • 100% fun

Portfolio is our top selling offering and also your best way to make ideal impression.


Portfolio 500 $

  • Individual concept and style creation 
  • 3 different looks
  • 3 locations
  • 3 hour shooting
  • 12 edited pictures 

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