This is the best way to get new photos or to refresh your existing portfolio. Model tests with professional photographer will help you to understand in which styles you like to work best, practice your unique photo posing sides and learn how to be confident in front of a camera. If you are aspiring model, actor or dancer, then it will be the right way to get professional pictures to apply to agencies. Your first good impression will be noticed.

Ideal for.

  • Aspiring Models

  • Professional Models

  • Personal use

  • Dancers

  • Actors

  • Plus-size

What's Included ?  

Duration: 1,5 hour of shooting

Outfits: 2

Photos: 6 professionally retouched photos, 150 photos with color correction                                    

Optional Services. 

  • Makeup

  • Hairstyle

  • Fashion Stylist

  • Video (personal 1 minute or 30 seconds video)

  • Retouching extra photos






Shooting Day. Price. Location. 

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