This is unique photo posing course with model portfolio development. This course will give you 90% of practice in front of a camera and will prepare you for a real-world modeling career.  No empty talks and waste of your money!

Every class contains a shooting and a new challenge to present fashion brand or a product. By the end of the course, you will be able to professionally pose for any type of shooting, confidently work in front of a camera, have an outstanding model portfolio. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to be published in fashion magazine and signed with a model agency.


Ideal for.

  • Aspiring models

  • Working models

  • Plus-size models

  • Professional models

  • Everybody who wants to gain confidence in front of a camera.

Benefits of taking these classes. 

  • Learn, practice and apply posing styles and techniques

  • Develop your unique personal style of posing

  • Avoid common modeling mistakes

  • Gain confidence in front of a camera, and photographers

  • Be able to professionally present brands and products


  • Develop acting and improvisation freedom skills

  • Create and develop your personal brand

  • Get professional model portfolio

  • Get opportunity to be signed with a model agency

  • Get opportunity to be published in a fashion magazine



Course structure. 

This course can be taken at your convenience with a flexible schedule that fits your busy lifestyle. You can take classes in the morning, evening or weekend. 7 Classes X 2 hours class duration



Each class you will learn new posing style and technique. How to be confident during the shootings. Develop your acting and improvisation skills.


In front of a camera, you will practice posing styles and how to improvise. Looking through the pictures we've taken you will instantly see your mistakes and how to avoid them.

Different challenges during the shooting will strengthen your learning.


After each class you will get a home task to fasten learning material we've covered. 

On a final class you will have an exam where you have to show and apply everything you've learned during the course.

After the final exam we can apply you to a list of appropriate model agencies. 




Classes Start Date. Course Syllabus. Pricing. 

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