Free Introduction Class

This class is important because you will see me, my studio and how do i work.

During the coffee (it is legendary:)) or tea drinking i will be asking you

questions about your aim and wishes. We will do tiny challenging shooting

to see your potential and all of the collected information from the class

will help me to build your own program. 

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1. Class: Beauty Posing

In this class we will talk about Beauty Shooting. We will learn how to pose

for Beauty portraits, how to do make up for shootings, how to deal with

hands,  how to present a Beauty brand, how to work with your facial

expressions and why it is so important and of course there will be a

challenging shooting  and super challenging home task. 

2. Class: Fashion Posing

This class will be all about Fashion. You will learn different fashion posing 

styles and technics,  how to pose in dynamic, how to pose for catalogue shooting

and what is so important about it, how to present a fashion brand (bag,

shoes, etc) and you will practice all of those skill during the shooting.

3. Class: Improvisation

I always keep saying that model is an actress so during this class we will 

talk about improvisation, acting and how we can use it. We will learn how to ask right

questions to provide your clients with the best work,  how to cry,

laugh and act like an actress. You will get challenging tasks during the shooting. 

Be ready to step out of your comfort zone!

4. Class: Glamour

This class will be dedicated to Glamour Shooting. We will work with our 

sensuality and confidence. You will learn  about Vintage styles (20th, Pin Up,

etc)  and how to work with them, how to present an evening dress,

how to pose in lingerie and show your body in the perfect way during

the shooting.

5. Class: Lifestyle and Commercial

Our last class will be about Commercial type of posing and confidence. The

class will be outdoors and we will learn useful information about the day light,

how to pose in Street style shooting, how to pose confidently among the crowd 

of people, you will know about all should and shouldn'ts during the commercial

shooting. It will be such a challenge!:)



6. Class: Examination

This day you will show what you have learned from the classes. If you

chose package with Portfolio development you will start from make up and 

hairstyle, will get the challenging task and will show us how you can improvise.

The exam can be visited by representative of model agency and your portfolios 

will be submitted to model agencies with my notes and recommendations.



You can select one of these flexible options that fits you best. You can still come in FREE CLASS to meet me and see how everything is going to happen and then decide if you want to the course.

Classes + Portfolio Development


This package includes: 6 classes, creation of personal style for your portfolio, make ups and hairstyles on the Exam, 12 high end retouched photos and all photos from the classes, submitting your portfolio to the model agencies with notes and recommendations

Just Classes "Bundle"


This package includes: 6 classes, all unedited

photos from all classes, submitting your photos to the model agencies with notes and recommendations

One Class at a Time


It is a single class with chosen topic and a shooting. You will get all unedited photos from the class.




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 Miara Mirnova


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1. Do you offer a payment plan ?

At the present moment no. You will need to pay whole amount prior the first class.

2. How does the class work ? 

Each class consist of new topic and a shooting with many challenging tasks. After the shooting we will look through the photos and discuss all mistakes. In the end of the class you will get your personal home task.

3. What is class schedule like ?

The schedule is flexible. You will be able to build your own schedule by choosing dates and time.






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